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Pick up at your Hotel and proceed to one of the coziest gardens in Portugal: the cold green house in
Eduardo VII park.
This is a real green museum where plants and flowers from the five continents grow harmoniously
together under a huge planked roof that beautifully regulates the air temperature and the intensity of light.
It has an area of about 16000 square meters and includes a Hot greenhouse for tropical plants, a sweet
Greenhouse for fat plants.

Not far we have the biggest botanical garden of Lisbon. Covering 10 acres and laid out between 1858 and
1873, it was once considered the best botanical garden in Southern Europe. Today it still has one of the
largest collections of subtropical vegetation in Europe. Its dense vegetation and exotic plants make it one
of the most calming spots in the city, with over 18,000 species from all over the world (each one is neatly
labeled). They include a large number of cycads, weird Australian trees with twisting colossal trunks, and
ancient palm-ferns that have been around since the time of the dinosaurs.

Close by is the Port wine Institute where you can try one of the 1000 different Port wine brands!
Let’s go to Sintra to have lunch in one of the many good and typical restaurants and visit Pena park. The
Pena Park is a vast forested area completely surrounding the Pena Palace, spreading for over 200 hectares
of uneven terrain.
The exotic taste of the Romanticism was applied to the park as it was to the palace. The king ordered
trees from diverse, distant lands to be planted there. Those included North American Sequoia, Lawson's
Cypress, Magnolia and Western Redcedar, Chinese Ginkgo, Japanese Cryptomeria, and a wide variety of
ferns and tree ferns from Australia and New Zealand, concentrated in the Queen's Fern Garden (Feteira da
Rainha). The park has a labyrinthic system of paths and narrow roads, connecting the palace to the many
points of interest throughout the park, as well as to its two gated exits.
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Still in Sintra we’ll visit Monserrate gardens. Marvellous, rambling, partly wild, Monserrate Park is a romantic 30-hectare garden. The
wooded hillsides feature a vast range of exotic flora, from roses and conifers to Chinese weeping cypress, dragon trees, eucalyptus,
Himalayan rhododendrons and more than 24 species of palm. The gardens were created in the 18th century. In the 1850s, they were
enlarged by the painter William Stockdale (with help from London's Kew Gardens), who imported many plants from Australasia and
Mexico. At the heart of the gardens is a Moorish-inspired Monserrate Palace.
Sintra mountain is itself a natural park with hundreds of different species covering the narrow and twisted roads that your guide will be
glad to show you.
Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Estoril private tour.
...Lisbon’s history dates back to 300,000 years ago and ranks as one of the world's longest founded cities.
As the legend tells, it is a city founded and named by Ulysses, which has its origins in the Phoenician
words "Allis Ubbo", meaning "enchanting port". Lisbon was a battlefield for Phoenicians, Greeks and
Carthaginians, however it was Romans who started their two-century reign in Lisbon in 205 BC. In 714,
the Moors arrived and stayed till the 12th century. In the 13th century, Lisbon became the capital of
Portugal. The 15th century was the point of departure for the Portuguese Discoveries, an era during
which Portugal enjoyed abundant wealth and prosperity through its newly discovered off shore colonies
in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Today, Lisbon still maintaining the marks of its early history, is one of
the most beautiful capitals of Europe...
... Described by Lord Byron as “Glorious Eden,” Sintra’s charms have long been celebrated. Once the
summer residence of the kings and Moorish lords, today Sintra is a romantic getaway for people from
all around the world. Inhabited since the pre-history period and by Celts and the Romans who called
this area “The Mountain of the Moon”. In the 8th to 9th century, Muslims built a castle here. During
Medieval times, the Portuguese royal family, overflowing with the pomp and riches from their colonial
triumphs abroad, first came here to escape the heat (and stench) of the summer in Lisbon.  Beginning in
the 14th century, the Portuguese aristocrats followed the royals to Sintra, a dwelling place for hunting
and relaxing. Stormy and mysterious, the mountain is covered by more than 1000 different species of
plants. Several artists from different countries came here to work, inspired in the beauty of this place,
extolling its beauty: “The Garden of Paradise”, “Garden of Europe”, “Glorious Eden”…
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