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Lisbon, the millenarian city of the seven hills, with the classic views they command, like at the top of Eduardo VII
park.  From here we see the wide estuary of Tagus river and Sao Jorge castle.
Cross the central Marques de Pombal square and go down by the XVIII century boulevard called Liberdade avenue
to the popular Restauradores and Rossio squares; it's the heart of Lisbon since Roman times, and the Pombaline
downtown which has been the shopping area for more than 2000 years.

The majestic waterfront Comercio square, facing the extraordinary estuary of the river, once the welcome gate to
seafarer and caravels. Close by is the nucleus of ancient Lisbon. Drive by the oldest quarter, Alfama, with the
structure of the medieval city, with labyrinthine narrow streets, steep stairways and alleys, tiny squares. If
possible, we'll stop in a handicraft shop for a taste of Port wine.
The XVI century "pointed stones" palace - renaissance building with its uncommon facade, Santo Antonio de
Padua church – where Saint Anthony of Padua was actually born, the very ancient Cathedral - stop to see the
church, symbol of Lisbon Christianity.

Go up the hill to the picturesque Bairro Alto, section of Fado singers, bohemian haunt of artists and writers,
passing close by Chiado, the elegant shopping area.
Pass by Estrela basilica - marble construction with an outstanding dome, one of Lisbon's most eye-catching
landmarks; the Parliament of Portugal – an outstanding neo-classical palace.
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The tour continues along the riverside by the harbour with sights of one of world's leading cruise destinations.
On the way to Belem, the most monumental and historical quarter, we pass by Belem palace, official residence of the President of
Portugal. Stops at Belem Tower – icon of the Age of Discovery (stop for photos, drinks and toilettes), the Monument to the
Discoveries – evoking the maritime expansion. Close by is Jeronimos Monastery, magnificent example of the Manueline style, the
most impressive symbol of Portugal's power and wealth during the Age of Discovery (stop to see the church).

We leave Lisbon towards North through Estremadura province enjoying a landscape of vineyards, cork trees, pine and eucalyptus
forests on the way up to Serra de Aire mountain to reach Fatima at the top. Fatima is becoming the most famous pilgrimage shrine
in the world dedicated to Marian devotion. Our Lady appeared 6 times to 3 shepherds in 1917, telling them 3 secrets about world
policy performance. We stop close the huge sanctuary where you can visit:

-The Basilica with the tombstones of the shepherds witnessing the apparitions of Our Lady - Lucia, Jacinta, Francisco.
In the Basilica and side chapels or in the new church you can confess, as there are priests in several languages.

The Apparitions’ Chapel - heart of the shrine, built on the place where Our Lady appeared to the shepherds. It’s here that most
masses are commonly held in several languages. There’s the statue of the Virgin made at her likeness, according to Lucia's description.
Right in front of the Chapel, a source of water came to light. There's a tap near the monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where
you can get the pure water to be blessed by a priest.
To the left side of the chapel, in the exterior, there is a stone column that points out the place where there the holm oak tree where
Our Lady appeared to the shepherds was before. Nevertheless, we can still see a tree from the time of the apparitions, under which
the shepherds waited the Virgin.  
Also, to the left of the Apparitions’ Chapel, you’ll find a spot full of candles where you can light a candle and make a vow to Our
Lady; not far, is the main Office of the Information Service, where you can get all the information you want about Fatima.
House of Our Lady of the Pain - Situated behind the Chapel of Apparitions, it is destined to receive the Sick during the great
On the floor of the vast square, there is a marble passage crossed by pilgrims on their knees until they reach the Apparitions’ chapel
to ask physical and spiritual heal from Our Lady or fulfil a promise.

Aljustrel - 3 Km away from the sanctuary there is the house of Marto family, where Jacinta and Francisco were born. Lucía's house
is close by, next to the well where the angel appeared for the second time. We’ll stop nearby and you can go inside the 2 houses and see
how the shepherds used to live.
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...Lisbon’s history dates back to 300,000 years ago and ranks as one of the world's longest founded cities.
As the legend tells, it is a city founded and named by Ulysses, which has its origins in the Phoenician
words "Allis Ubbo", meaning "enchanting port". Lisbon was a battlefield for Phoenicians, Greeks and
Carthaginians, however it was Romans who started their two-century reign in Lisbon in 205 BC. In 714,
the Moors arrived and stayed till the 12th century. In the 13th century, Lisbon became the capital of
Portugal. The 15th century was the point of departure for the Portuguese Discoveries, an era during
which Portugal enjoyed abundant wealth and prosperity through its newly discovered off shore colonies
in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Today, Lisbon still maintaining the marks of its early history, is one of
the most beautiful capitals of Europe...
...The Catholic Church regards the three parts of the Fatima Secret and the total Fatima message to be important
and of great value to the spiritual lives of its people. It consists only of prophecies about the new condition of
the Church in the world....  Fatima and its Secret do present us with something deeply serious, for they bring us
face to face with the mysteries of eternal life. Fatima is undoubtedly the most prophetic of modern apparitions.
Faith and prayer are forces which can influence history and that in the end prayer is more powerful than bullets
and faith more powerful than armies...
Fatima - the Centre of Christian faith and a local of world's pilgrimage.
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