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Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril by night
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At night, the city's old quarters come alive with the sound of typical songs. The Fado Houses, where one
can savour the excellent local cooking and listen to the emotional music of Portugal, are unique. Down the
hills, the open air cafés, bars and discos, reflect their lights in the calm waters of the River Tagus, like in
the Bairro Alto quarter, the Expo area, Alcantara and Docas.

Cross bridge 25 Abril for a magnificent view over Lisbon.  From a height of 200ft you will see the glittering
of thousands of city lights, the seven hills with lit monuments, the XVIII century aqueduct.
The main squares and avenues of Lisbon by night: the ample and elegant Avenida da Republica with coffee
shops and tea rooms, central Marques de Pombal square facing Eduardo VII park, Liberdade Avenue - stylish
boulevard from the XVIII century with its cabarets - Restauradores square with theatres and restaurants.
Continue by Rossio, square - the heart of Lisbon, the shopping area. And we arrive to the wide and stylish
Comercio square in front of the vast estuary of Tagus river and Sao Jorge castle as a background. Not  far the
ancient cathedral of Lisbon, followed by the narrow streets of Alfama quarter.
Lisboa by night tour.

The riverside with the discos zone, Bairro Alto with its famous nightlife, the Parliament of Portugal - superb XIX century building - Estrela
Basilica with an outstanding dome.
We finally arive to Jeronimos Monastery - famous Lisbon XVI century construction, lit by night - and the other monuments on the water's
edge - Belem Tower, Monument to the Discoveries.

Leave Lisbon by the scenic seaside road called the 'Marginal'. Cascais, Estoril and Oeiras are considered the more affluent suburbs of Lisbon,
sporting their own beaches and coastal walkway.
You’ll drive along Lisbon’s magical coastline on a nocturnal perspective of Estoril Coast, along the seaside road towards Estoril town and its
illuminated gardens. Here you’ll find Europe's largest casino, which is one of Lisbon’s classiest attractions with shows all year round.
The Estoril Coast's relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere can be enjoyed well into the night at its many bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

The city of Cascais is a popular seaside destination for tourists drawn to the warm climate, posh night spots and a lively nightlife scene on
the beach promenade.
In the centre of Cascais, the terraced cafés are perfect settings to end the night tour and plan your evening's entertainment. The bars at Praça
Camões can be the starting point for a fun night.
Lisbon night tour
...Lisbon’s history dates back to 300,000 years ago and ranks as one of the world's longest founded cities.
As the legend tells, it is a city founded and named by Ulysses, which has its origins in the Phoenician
words "Allis Ubbo", meaning "enchanting port". Lisbon was a battlefield for Phoenicians, Greeks and
Carthaginians, however it was Romans who started their two-century reign in Lisbon in 205 BC. In 714,
the Moors arrived and stayed till the 12th century. In the 13th century, Lisbon became the capital of
Portugal. The 15th century was the point of departure for the Portuguese Discoveries, an era during
which Portugal enjoyed abundant wealth and prosperity through its newly discovered off shore colonies
in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Today, Lisbon still maintaining the marks of its early history, is one of
the most beautiful capitals of Europe...
...One of the most beautiful parts of the Estoril Coast is a succession of hills dotted with pine trees and
houses, sweeping down to the sea and the local villages with their typical houses and the old palatial
villas along the sea front. Villas from the Roman period have been excavated and inscriptions found of
family names, names of the Gods they worshipped and names chosen for their sons. Cascais became a
lookout for Lisbon in the great maritime era of discovering new worlds. It was the first place the navigators
saw when they returned from long and adventurous voyages seeking their homeland. It was in Cascais
during the latter part of the XIX century, that the Royal Family first began to bathe. It was a custom which
was becoming popular in Europe and Cascais was an ideal place owing to its mild climate. Over the years,
many important families have made Cascais into acosmopolitan town...
Estoril by night tour
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