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We leave Lisbon towards North through Estremadura province enjoying a landscape of vineyards, cork trees,
pine and eucalyptus forests on the way up to Serra de Aire mountain to reach Fatima at the top. Fatima is
becoming the most famous pilgrimage shrine in the world dedicated to Marian devotion. Our Lady appeared 6
times to 3 shepherds in 1917 telling them 3 secrets about world policy performance.
We stop close the huge sanctuary where you can visit:

-The Basilica with the tombstones of the shepherds witnessing the apparitions of Our Lady - Lucia, Jacinta,
Francisco. In the Basilica and side chapels or in the new church you can confess, as there are priests in several

The Apparitions’ Chapel - heart of the shrine, built on the place where Our Lady appeared to the shepherds.
It’s here that most masses are commonly held by priests in several languages. There’s the statue of the Virgin
made at her likeness, according to Lucia's description.
Fatima private tour - full day.
Right in front of the Chapel, a source of water came to light. There's a tap near the monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where you can
get the pure water to be blessed by a priest.

To the left side of the chapel, in the exterior, there is a stone column that points out the place where there the holm oak tree where Our
Lady appeared to the shepherds was before. Nevertheless, we can still see a tree from the time of the apparitions, under which the shepherds
waited the Virgin.  
Also, to the left of the Apparitions’ Chapel, you’ll find a spot full of candles where you can light a candle and make a vow to Our Lady; not
far, is the main Office of the Information Service, where you can get all the information you want about Fatima.
House of Our Lady of the Pain - Situated behind the Chapel of Apparitions, it is destined to receive the Sick during the great pilgrimages.
On the floor of the vast square, there is a marble passage crossed by pilgrims on their knees until they reach the Apparitions’ chapel to ask
physical and spiritual heal from Our Lady or fulfill a promise.

You may want to visit Paul VI Pastoral Center. Inaugurated on 13 May 1982, by Pope John Paul II, as a center for study and reflection on the
Message of Fatima, and of the problems of the modern world, in the light of the Gospel.

Perpetual Adoration Chapel - Placed at the end of the colonnade, on the eastern side, this chapel for perpetual adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament, is a place of silent prayer and adoration.

Aljustrel - 3 Km away from the sanctuary there is the house of Marto family, where Jacinta and Francisco were born. Lucía's house is close by,
next to the well where the angel appeared for the second time. We’ll stop nearby and you can go inside the 2 houses and see how the shepherds
used to live.
Information office of Aljustrel - This Office is located near the house of Lucia. Many pictures of the three children at the time of the Apparitions
are exposed as well as pictures of the Sanctuary and of the last visit of Sister Lucia to her house in 2000.
In the Ethnographical Regional Center , next to Lucía's house, there are a lot of articles like letters of Lucia, furniture of the shepherds houses,
pictures connected with the miracles, clothes and several instruments.
Valinhos - see the place where Our Lady of Fatima appeared for the 4th time in August 19th, 1917, after the seers’ return from prison.
Loca do Anjo – visit the place where the children saw the apparition of the Angel in 1916, for the first and third time.
Via Crucis - 14 small chapels in memory of Jesus' passion and a bigger one dedicated to Saint Steve, lead the way to Loca do Anjo. Experience
Christ's love as you walk and follow the Stations of the Cross along the Via Sacra (The Sacred Way) culminating in the Chapel of Calvary,
which overlooks all of Fatima.
Before an hour drive back to Lisbon, we may stop in a local store of religious handicraft.

As an optional tour, you may want to visit:
Ourem castle – About 10km northeast of Fátima, on an isolated hill rising out of the valley - 1000 feet above sea level with nice views over the
countryside - is the little medieval walled town of Ourém, a huddle of narrow lanes and picturesque nooks and corners in the shadow of Ourem
The main historical attraction of the municipality is this mighty Castle.
On the place of an Arab fortification, it was rebuilt afterwards in the XII, XV and XVIII centuries. Count Afonso (1402–1460) remodelled the
old-fashioned castle and built a palace inside it following the trends in 15th-century Italian military architecture.
Legend - In 1158, a Christian knight, Gonçalo Hermigues and his companions kidnapped a Moorish princess with the famous Arab name of
The princess fell in love with the Christian knight and decided to become herself a Christian, taking the name of Oureana. They got married and
the princess received as prize the town which she called Ourém, after her name. The girl died a few years after marriage and was buried in the
place where Fatima village exists, so called after the Arab girl’s name.  
Fatima - half day tour.
...The Catholic Church regards the three parts of the Fatima Secret and the total Fatima
message to be important and of great value to the spiritual lives of its people. It consists
only of prophecies about the new condition of the Church in the world....  Fatima and its
Secret do present us with something deeply serious, for they bring us face to face with the
mysteries of eternal life. Fatima is undoubtedly the most prophetic of modern apparitions.
Faith and prayer are forces which can influence history and that in the end prayer is more
powerful than bullets and faith more powerful than armies...On the 13th of October of 1917,
Our Lady of Fatima told the 3 little shepherds 3 secrets, after what was called the Miracle of
the Sun, an alleged miraculous event that was witnessed by as many as 100,000 people.
According to many witness statements, after a downfall of rain, the clouds broke and the sun
appeared as an opaque, spinning disk in the sky. It was said to be significantly less bright
than normal, and cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the shadows on the landscape,
the people, and the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards
the earth in a zigzag pattern. Witnesses reported that the ground and their previously wet
clothes became dry…The 3 secrets from Our Lady of Fatima: 1-the first war would finish but
if people didn't stop offending God, another worse one would come. 2-That there would be a
revolution in Russia and persecutions against the church; everyone should have faith to
withstand the advance of evil (showing the vision of hell, a lot of fire that seemed to be under
the earth where demons and souls were put in human forms burning among screams and
wailings of pain. 3- The Pope revealed partially the third secret on his visit to Fátima on the
13th of May of 2000: after Our Lady said the two secrets, we have seen an angel a little farther
up with an incandescent sword on the left hand that seemed to set the world on fire. But the
flames of the sword went out with the shine coming from the Virgin's right hand, pointed in its
direction. Several Bishops, priests, religious and nuns going up a mountain, at the top of which
there was a big cross. The Pope, before arriving there, crossed a city in ruins and he went
praying for the dead bodies that he found on the road. Arriving to the top of the mountain he
was shot by soldiers and likewise were also shot religious people and several people of several
social classes…
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