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Arrabida, Sesimbra, Setubal, Palmela - full day
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We leave Lisbon crossing “25 Abril” bridge over Tagus river and have a superb view.
As we approach the countryside we will be pleasantly surprised by a unique scenery of huge pine forests, eucalyptus
and cork trees.

We go up the hill to visit the XII century castle of Sesimbra, lying at the foothills of Serra da Arrábida. Stop to enjoy
the beautiful view over the ocean, Sesimbra beach and scenery of this picturesque fishing town. Sightseeing of Sesimbra,
seaside resort with crystal clear water and where we can have a glimpse of the fishing port, to see fishermen unloading
the catch.

Not far we have Espichel cape. Tourists are drawn there due to breathtaking views on its cliffs facing the Atlantic
Ocean. The location is famous for a sanctuary complex built extremely close to the edge of the tall cliffs.
We proceed to Azeitão - famous for its wine cellar, where we can stop for a guided visit to this antique muscatel wine
producer and wine tasting.
Not far, we can visit a factory of glazed tiles, where we’ll be shown the way glazed tiles are handmade.

We then go up to Arrabida mountain - a unique nature reserve on the highest cliffs of the Portuguese coast, providing
splendid panoramic views over Lisbon, Setubal, Sado river estuary, Troia peninsula and the ocean. Arrábida Natural
Park is a beautiful protected area covered with pine trees and rich Mediterranean vegetation, including many rare species.
Down below, the crystal-clear waters of the sheltered snow-white sandy beaches.
Lisbon private guided sightseeing tours to Setubal
This promenade will let us see from the road the old farms, once the dwelling of noblemen from Lisbon.

Stop at Setubal, an important fishing harbour, where once again we can watch the typical Portuguese fishing boats. On the Rio Sado waterfront
are the docks, the marina and the fishing harbor, where brisk auctions take place every morning when the fishermen have unloaded the day's
This town could be a nice place to stop for lunch and your guide will suggest you a good restaurant where you can try the delicious local
cuisine based on fish and shellfish dishes.
In the afternoon we can go up to São Filipe Castle (housing today a state inn).  Once a 17th Century Fortress, the Hotel Pousada de Setubal
is on a hilltop overlooking the city and the river.

Between Setubal and Lisbon we have another castle, Palmela. Located on top of an imposing hill, it affords one of the most impressive
panoramic views in the area. Inside the castle there is also a pousada where you may wish to try a glass of the local Palmela wine.
Travel back to Lisbon by Vasco da Gama bridge, 12 km long, for another unforgettable view of the city and one of the widest estuaries in the
Guide services to Arrabida, Sesimbra, Setubal, Palmela, Azeitão.
...The forest-clad, elongated hummock of the Serra da Arrábida is a veritable oasis of natural
vegetation amid the suburban sprawl of the Setúbal peninsula, with an incredibly diverse wildlife
to match. Along the shore of the Sado estuary, its sheer flanks drop sharply into a turquoise sea,
the pale limestone cliffs eaten away at the base to form small sandy coves. Although the 50km-
long ridge of the Arrábida attains a maximum of only 501m (Alto do Formosinho), the views
from the top are truly spectacular, giving the impression of much greater altitude. More than
1,000 species of vascular plants have been recorded from the Arrábida natural park. Situated to
the south of the peninsula is the hub Setubal, actually Portugal's third largest port after Lisbon
and Porto. Renowned for both its fishing and fish restaurants and its many historic buildings
and museums, Setubal makes a superb Portugal holiday base or indeed a day trip. To the west
of Setubal centre are stunning beaches backed on by the Arrabida Natural Park. To the south is
the natural reserve of the Sado estuary, home to numerous birds and wildlife including bottle-
nosed Dolphins...
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